The worst week ever.Β 

Have you ever had a week were EVERYTHING goes WRONG everywhere I can……… 

Well that was this week for me.  Last Saturday night 🌚  my dog ATE my glasses and I mean everything but the lenses were destroyed so I am temporarily blind except for really up close (like a hands length away from my face close). 

The rest of the days weren’t much different πŸ’€one of my step dads relatives passed away. 

Then last 🌜 night my cat was stealing my straw from my water cup while I was asleep and knocked it over onto my laptop πŸ’»  and now I dont know if it even works at all.  

All I want to do is hide under my covers and not come out till next year. 

Sorry for a downer post but kinda needed to ventish.  


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  1. tinasreview says:

    I know what you mean baby girl. Everything will be ok.


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