My Book Boyfriend’s/Girlfriend’s….Whose your’s. 

(Warning……Warning……may contain spoilers……Read at your own risk……You have been warned…)

Have you ever sat in you favorite chair or outside in the grass under the bright sun and thought……who you would consider to be YOUR Bookish Boyfriend or even a Bookish Girlfriend.

Well awhile back I was scrolling through my Facebook group’s and had the sudden idea and so I have been compiling a list of who I would consider.


Bookish Boyfriend’s

Rhysand (ACOTAR)

Almost everybody and their brother that has read this series has a crush on Rhys… me included. I love how strong he is and I don’t just mean magically and physically. The fact that he knew since under the mountain what was really between him and Feyre and was still willing to let her go to do what she though would make her happy.

Morpheus (Splintered)

I adore Morpheus more than anybody else on this list (Male wise anyway) I think if I had never read the splintered series and never learned about this hunk of a moth I would forever be incomplete.

Gansey (Raven Boys)

Richard Gansey the 3rd is so put together and so not that it makes you want to hug him.

Alec and Magnus (The Immortal Instruments)

Whether these boy’s (See below to Nico) are Straight, Gay, Bisexual, or anything in between I love these two. The love they have for each other and Alec willing to go through hell just to get Magnus back is the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Nico DiAngelo (HOO)

Nico has been through Hell (no pun intended) since he was a child but he preserved and over came his fears and was able to admit that he was gay was so brave.

Anubis (The Kane Chronicles)

Anubis is one of my favorite Egyptian gods and the fact that he turns out to be one of the best character’s in the world.

Bookish Girlfriends

With these ladies I see no need to say why I love them so much they are all kick-ass that I want to be them, But I will anyway.

Alyssa (Splintered)

Al is brave and strong even though she hears the bugs and flowers talk. With each book she grows as not just a woman but into the Netherling she was born to be.

Mor AND Amren (ACOMAF)

These two are sexy in their confidence and sexuality that its hard not to be attracted to them

Sophronia (Etiquette & Espionage)

This girl’s is smart and sassy an I want to be her best friend.

Vieve (Romancing the Inventor)

I loved this girl since meeting her character in the Finishing school series.

Celaena (TOG)

While I really like Celaena she is not at the top of my list. She is beautiful and strong but I don’t like her way of thinking sometimes.


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