2nd Half of April and May TBR

Hey guys y’all remember my “Feeling Slump” post well I hate to say it I have not improved. My Depression is hitting me and I haven’t been feeling up to doing much of anything.

I did finish one book since the beginning of the month and I’m feeling bummed but I am hoping to change that with the rest of April as well into May.

So here’s my TBR

17927395-ACOMAF- I literally feel as if this book as been on my last two TBR’s and I am so determined to finish it before ACOTAR come out on May 2nd.*Sigh*

17167166-Crown of Midnight- Sarah is such a brilliant author but her stuff is heavy for me so they take me *FOREVER* to get through even when I love then and the character’s.

lm_cover-Lady Midnight- *Another sigh* I have been reading on this book since LAST April and only made it maybe 200 page’s in and I think it’s because I’m not as invested in these character’s as I was with TID and TMI but heres to hoping I can get through it before Lord of Shadows

51tU8iaaHqLPercy Jackson- this will be a reread.

1Prudence-Prudence- since finishing The Finishing School Series and The Parasol Protectorate I have since gone onto The Custard Protocol Series (well the two that are out anyway).

shadow-and-bone_hi-res-677x1024-Shadow and Bone- I am reading this one for a book club on FB.

51zb4HdhV2L__AC_UL320_SR214,320_-Wanted- The second book in the Storymaker series by Betsy Schow.

30163661-Spindle Fire- Sleeping Beauty retelling.  I’ve been wanting to read this since I first heard about it and I have started it and what I have read so far is really great.

Stealing Snow-Stealing Snow- I started this last month (I think) and I’m enjoying it a lot and I really hope I get to finish it this month.

I have a few other’s I’d like to get to on my IBook’s and Kindle apps and a few other Physical books as well be we will definitely have to wait and see.

Let me know what all book’s y’all are planning to read during the rest of the month and in May.



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