Heading to the Big Apple!

New York city

Have any of you ever been to NYC……Sadly I haven’t.

Though I am so excited to announce that in June I will be on my way to The Big Apple to take part in……Wait for it… SCKcJRy8

I have waited for two years to be able to go to book con and I am so happy convinced my Mother that we should go (She loves books as much as I do.)

We will be staying in NJ and making our way across the river into Manhattan on Saturday to go to the first day of  BookCon  and  I can not tell you how excited I am to have the chance to meet some of my Favorite Authors and BookTubers who will be there as well.

Now sadly we are only going on Saturday but that means that ALL DAY SUNDAY we will be playing Tourist and going around the city seeing several site’s

NY_skylineNow I want to be like any Percy Jackson fan and visit the Empire State Building and visit Olympus but sadly I am a mere mortal so I’ll settle for getting my picture taken outside the building (mainly bc I am terrified of height’s) but I will be wearing my Camp Half-Blood shirt lol so close enough.


c1b36f80d4bd7a5ce5bc6b85cc31c0fcNext will be Central Park and I don’t know about you but I hope I don’t run into any fae there but I could do with meeting up with Jace, Clary, Simon, Izzy, Alec, and Magnus while I’m there (Lol) but anywho I do hope I get to see the Alice in Wonderland Statue as well as much more of the park.






Times_SquareAh Time Square the typical Tourist destination and I can’t wait to see it. ( you will obviously hear that a lot from me in this post, Sorry……..Not Sorry!)




broadway-at-night-wallpaper-wallpaper-2 I would die If I could see a Broadway play be alas I wont be able to but I would like to see The Percy Jackson Production……one day.




lady-liberty-facing-theNow this one Is my moms pick. She has wanted to see Lady Liberty since before I was born and hopefully we can achieve her dream. As well as avoid the Xmen (Hehe sorry only fandom I could think of that went there ;>( 




The Javits Center Is at the top of the list bc Duh BookCon.








 There is so much we want to while there that I don’t know if we will get to it but we will certainly try our hardest.




Here’s to a dream come true See you in June New York. Oh and if any of you are going let me know down in the Comment’s



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  1. tinasreview says:

    I can’t wait to be able to finally take a vacation with you. It’s going to be great.


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