How I Read Tag


1. How do you find out about new books to read?
I watch a ton of book hauls on YouTube (Book hauls and bookshelf tours are my favorite videos so I usually get ideas from those.), as well the Owlcrate group on FB, and Bookstagram, and the Owlcrate groups 1 & 2 on Snapchat.

2 How did you get into reading?

I actually hated reading as a kid because I have ADHD and I couldn’t concentrate worth crap but abound 11 or 12 I began to notice my grandmother had bags of those small romance books laying EVERYWHERE in her house so I picked one up one day when I was Bord and I just never put them down.

3. How has your taste change as you get older?
As I said ^ I read a lot of adult novels, when I started watching BookTube videos I got hooked on Y.A. It’s kind of funny that I did it backwards that when I was younger I read mostly adult and as I’ve gotten older i’ve fallen for Y.A.

4. How often do you buy books?
Every week my mother and I get at least one each, as long as we have the extra money.

5. How did you get into BookTubing/Blogging?
I have watched BookTube videos for awhile then for some reason last January after moving back home to West Virginia I needed to put my attention so I started my blog but I didn’t put much into it until last fall.

6. How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?
Hm well if it makes me angry I throw it (or want to throw it).

7. How often have you taken a sneaky look at the last page of a book to see if it’s a happy ending?
NEVER! Lol my grandma always read the last chapter first if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t read it but I don’t do that id rather be surprised.



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