Book Tag

I’m sorry to say I don’t know the name of this tag nor do I know who made it.

Q: What dystopian/fantasy world would you like to live in?

A: I would definitely live in the Heartless Wonderland. I’d run around with The Hatter, Jest, Chesire, and Cath.

Q: Who would your partner be?

A: For this I would have to say Morpheus from the Splintered series as either a “Boyfriend” or a “Partner in crime” type of relationship.

Q: Who would your godly mother/father be? (Percy Jackson Series)

A: I would definitely say Hades. Even as I was reading the series I felt a connection to Hades (and not just because Nico was my favorite character).

Q: Would you rather be a Downworlder or a Nephilim? (The Mortal Instruments Series)

A: I would so be a Downworlder. A Warlock to be exact.

Q: What House would you be in? (Harry Potter Series)

A: SlytherClaw I would be a Slytherin with Ravenclaw tendencies

Q: What faction would you be in? (Divergent Series)

A: Dauntless I think, I wouldn’t fit in with any other’s. Though I’d barely fit in this one.

Q: What would be your daemon? (Northern Lights Series)

A: A Leopard or White Tiger.


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