Untamed by A. G. Howard

Warning Spoiler’s are included so if you haven’t read the first three books of this series.

Untamed (Splintered #1.5, 3.5)

by A.G. Howard (Goodreads Author)
Untamed (Splintered, #3.5) 4.18  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,954 Ratings  ·  374 Reviews

Alyssa Gardner went down the rabbit hole and took control of her destiny. She survived the battle for Wonderland and the battle for her heart. In this collection of three novellas, join Alyssa and her family as they look back at their memories of Wonderland.

This collection expands upon Ensnared‘s epilogue, and includes some deleted scenes to provide a “director’s cut” glimpse into the past and futures of our favorite Splintered characters

Untamed-Book 3.5 in The Splintered series
By: A. g. Howard
Genre: Young Adult, Alice in wonderland inspired 
Started: October 12 ,2016. Ended: January 11, 2017
The Boy in the Web
This story was a chance in my mind for Alison to redeem herself because at the end of the third book I actually hated her character but in this one i have seen the good in her and everything she did.
Seeing Thomas’s past was an eye opener to the horrors that he faced as a child and getting swept up in Sister two’s web.
There wasn’t much I didn’t like in this story in my opinion it needed more morpheus but thats just because i love him.

Quotes I loved
 • I clenched my hands into fists at my sides. “It doesn’t matter if I’m crazy, as long as the madness helps me survive” He raised an eyebrow, obviously pleased and surprised by my answer. “Ah, spoken like a true netherling. Madness, like any other facet of irrationality, can be used as a tool and a weapon, in the right hands.” Alison and Morpheus – page 24 
Moth in the Mirror 
There was quite a lot I loved about this story.  The madness behind what went on when Jeb was “Imprisoned” with Gossamer has given Jeb a slight reprieve because almost all through the series minus a few times in book one I actually HATED  his Character I tried to like him but it really didn’t happen.  I can tolerate him now but I still don’t care for him.
Six impossible things
This…….This Story right here has literally answered every Question I had after reading Ensnared and so much more… I have so many thought’s and feeling’s Flying around inside my head and heart as I do right now. The only thing that would make it better is if we got another series about their son and how Wonderland flourishes(Hopefully).

Overall feelings on the book:
 I don’t think I have ever been so satisfied with a Novella Bind-up as I was with this one.
Alyssa’s life with Jeb  made him a little more likeable in my eye’s and made my love of Morpheus grow so much more than I ever thought was possible.


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