October and November TBR

Hey guy’s I’m back with a TBR and it’s dor the next two months. I’ve actually finished a couple of books over the last couple months that I’ll try and share in another post at the end of the month, I’ll just make it a 3 month wrap up.

But on to the reason for this post. Here is my TBR for the next two months.

1. I need to finish The sword of summer by Rick Riordan. I’ve been on this book for far to long and i really hope i can in the next few day’s.

2. My next book is The Hammer of Thor. Here is the reason i need to finish Book #1 ok so I decided to read this one at a later date just because I don’t want to read it now and then wait a full year before book three. In it’s place I read The Demigod Files , The Demigod Diaries, and Hotel Valhalla- The Guide to Norse worlds

3. Since I now have the complete series I need to buckle down and read The Dream Thieves.

4. Now this book I’ve been trying to read since Valentine’s Day but it’s really creepy (in a good way) and that book is The Dead House by  Dawn Kurtagich.

5. No special reason for this one its Escaflowne #2 the manga

6. Hollow city by ransom riggs i saw the movie last week and it made me excited again to continue on with this series also i got my mother into it as well so we’re on it together.

7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass I’ve been on this one for way to long as well.
So that concludes my TBR is probably short compared to what it would have been last year but I’m just hoping to be able to get through it with out breaking it.

8. Untamed  by  A.G. Howard. I’ve already read the first of the three stories and can’t wait to continue.

That’s all for now thanks for reading. Bye guy’s


9. I am currently re-reading the Anita Blake series


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