Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’ve read all but maybe 5 of these and most of those are novellas. I absolutely love Sherri’s books, it’s been years since I read my first dark hunter story and I haven’t looked back. out of the main story line the only one I haven’t read is Dragonbane and Dragonmarked.

So as long as Sherri put’s out books I will be buying them!

*Dragonswan  (Sebastian & Channon)

Fantasy Lover  (Julian & Grace)

Night Pleasures  (Kyrian & Amanda)

Night Embrace  (Talon & Sunshine)

*Phantom Lover  (V’Aiden & Erin)

Dance With the Devil  (Zarek & Astrid)

Kiss of the Night  (Wulf & Cassandra)

Night Play  (Vane & Bride)

*Winter Born  (Dante & Pandora)

Seize the Night  (Valerius & Tabitha)

Sins of the Night  (Alexion & Danger)

Unleash the Night  (Wren & Marguerite)

Dark Side of the Moon  (Ravyn & Susan)

*A Hard Days Night Searcher (Rafael & Celena)

*Until Death Do Us Part  (Velkan & Esperetta)

The Dream Hunter  (Arik & Geary)

*Fear the Darkness  (free Nick short story)

Devil May Cry  (Sin & Katra)

Upon the Midnight Clear  (Aidan & Leta)

Dream Chaser  (Xypher & Simone)

Acheron  (Ash & Tori)

One Silent Night  (Stryker & Zephyra)

*Shadow of the Moon  (Fury & Angelina)

Dream Warrior  (Cratus & Delphine)

Bad Moon Rising  (Fang & Aimee)

No Mercy  (Dev & Sam)

Retribution  (Sundown & Abigail)

The Guardian  (Seth & Lydia)

Time Untime (Ren & Kateri)

Styxx (Styxx & Bethany)

Son of No One (Cadegan & Jo)

Dragonbane (Max & Seraphina)




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