Cather & Wren are Eighteen year old twin’s who are off to College and Cath hate’s the idea of leaving her “Protective bubble of Simon & Baz”  She doesn’t react well to being separate from her sister for the first time since ever. Life is about to get very interesting for everybody.

As a person who, like Cath,  is obsessed with FanFiction (though I don’t talk about it much outside my family) and though Cath Write’s Carry on, I myself kinda suck unless I act it out when I’m alone. I am in love with is book,Rainbow’s writing is seamless and hilarious. She take’s real life thing’s that all Fan Girl’s  & Boy’s go through and our obsession’s and put’s them on paper and cerate’s a story that we as reader’s feel as if we’ve lived it already and we’re just looking back on it like a scrapbook .   


Goodreads | Kris (The United States)’s review of Fangirl


OMG kill me now….I fricking loved this book so much that my life is almost complete. …. almost. when I started this book I was in a huge reading slump that I’d read a little then put it down and this happened like 4 times but something has snapped bk into place and I finished it in two days for my first rainbow book It was soooooooo good. can’t wait for more




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