Top Favorite Authors of 2015

i read around 80+ books last year and these were a few of my favorite’s.
  1. Rick Riordan- any thing by this man is gold to me his writing style and humor suck’s me in

  2. Doctor who Audio books are great but the ones read by David Tennant stay close to my heart he is and will always be my Favorite Doctor for ever

  3.  Sherrilyn Kenyon- this woman has been a fave of mine for years and her Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter/Were Hunter series is on going and will be an auto buy for me.

  4. Kate Locke- her Immortal Empire series is a blend of Steampunk and Vampire’s and Gothic clothing. This Trilogy is compelling in all the right way’s That i don’t even know where to start

  5. Dan Brown- I mostly love his Robert Langdon Series Angel’s and Demons,  Da Vinci code, Lost Treasure, and Inferno

  6. Cassandra Clare- When I first heard of this series a friend from work was reading it and was telling me non spoilery things about it  but it sounded like something I would never read and then I found out it had been turned into a movie and all but the last book was out so I decided to give the first book a try and turned out I loved it and devoured them all in over five months.

  7. Marissa Meyer- I love the lunar chronicles

  8. J.K. Rowling- is of course a no brainier

  9. A.G. Howard- The splintered series is so close to my heart I need to reread it RIGHT NOW

  10. Kim Harrison- The Hollow Series  has been a fave of mine for years now

I know Some of these are no brainers for some but i thought I’d include them in this post

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